Attempt a daring escape from an ancient planet using your trusty rocket launcher and split-second reflexes.


An explosive action-platformer set on a dying planet. The main protagonist - WELDON - must climb a vast expanse of ruins and tackle deadly sentient machines if he hopes to survive.



play in Virtual Reality

Steam VR supported on Windows, with the HTC Vive or Oculus headsets.


 AGDQ ‘18

A Tinertia speed runner by the moniker Midboss submitted a run for the 2018 Awesome Games Done Quick ( ADGQ ) event in Seattle. To our delight, the run was accepted.

On January 8th, 2018 Midboss pulled off an incredible World Record 15:23s Tinertia run.






Tinertia features a unique Twinstick Movement mechanic that lets the player rocket-jump and rapidly gain speed. The game’s 3D environments are stunning and intricate, especially in Virtual Reality, where players can truly immerse themselves in the world.

  • Rocket Jumping: Master the fluid rocket-jumping mechanics to traverse vast 3D environments. There’s No speed limit, and No Jump Button!

  • Boss Battles: Face off against seven intense bosses for the ultimate test of your platforming skill.

  • Vast Environments: Journey from a planet’s molten core all the way to outer space. Travel across seven vibrant worlds, through 65+ levels with epic backdrops, and unique play mechanics.

  • Virtual Reality: The Steam version of Tinertia can be played in VR, using an HTC Vive or Oculus headset, for an ultra-immersive platforming experience.

  • Leaderboards & Replays: Tinertia saves your best scores on global leaderboards. Compete with your friends, or the best in the world, in any game mode. Watch a replay of any score and control the camera angle and playback speed.

  • Test Your Skill: Test your Tinertia skills in the Gauntlet, Boss Rush and Speed-Run modes, and compete with the best in the world.

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