Tinertia PlayStation®4 Launch Event

Tinertia PlayStation®4 Launch Event

June 14th – 20th, 2017

Tinertia Game | PS4 out NOW!



  • 15 sets of 3 Giveaway Codes.
  • 30 Tinertia Launch T-Shirts.
  • 10 Tinertia Custom T-Shirts with winner’s streamer name and score.
  • Custom PC Cursors useable in-game on Steam version post update.
  • Custom Weldon Skins useable in-game post update.


prizes ship starting June 21st


  1. Participants can earn rewards by competing on the daily Mission.
  2. A participant cannot earn the same reward twice.
  3. Each participant can earn a maximum of 3 rewards.
  4. Mission scores are tallied the following day at 11:00am PST.
  5. For a score to be considered, it must have been during a broadcast.

Mission Complete

Launch event streamers thank you for rocking the leaderboards and making the run-up to our PlayStation4 launch special.

Thank you Scarfino for organizing and keeping eveything on track.



Event Schedule