Twinstick Platforming

Attempt a daring escape from an ancient planet using your trusty rocket launcher arm and split-second reflexes.


PlayStation® 4 | Steam ( Win, Mac, & Linux ) | SteamVR


You play as Weldon, a robot of small stature but big heart. Weldon gets captured by an evil entity called ARC. Upon capture Weldon is cast to the mechanized core of an ancient planet. Stranded on this eerie and hostile world, Weldon must stage a heroic escape in order to survive!


  • Rocket Jumping: Master the physics of rocket-jumping to traverse intricate 3D environments. Connect your rockets to add momentum in any direction. There’s No speed limit, and No Jump Button!
  • Seven Environments: Journey from the molten core of the planet all the way to outer space. Travel across seven vibrant worlds, through 65+ levels with epic backdrops, shifting camera angles, and unique play mechanics.
  • Robo-Bosses: Face-off with seven intense boss battles for the ultimate test of your rocket-jumping skills.
  • Leaderboards: Tinertia saves your best scores on global leaderboards. Compete with your friends for level times, or take on the best in the world for any game mode.
  • Replay System: Every leaderboard score has a replay. Watch any run while changing the camera angle, zoom, or playback speed. Relive close calls and epic moments in slow-mo!
  • Gauntlet Mode: Test your platforming skills within seed-based generated levels that run the gamut of level mechanics and difficulty.
  • Boss-Rush Mode: Take on each boss in Weldon’s escape with only one life to earn a spot on the leaderboards.
  • Speed-Run Mode: Run a world from start to boss-battle to compete on the speed-run leaderboards.





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Co-developed by Candescent Games, Inc and Section Studios, Inc.